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Ambulance Services

Dead Body Ambulance Services in Bangalore

What is more heartbreaking than losing a loved one? Coping with such a loss feels so terrible that it becomes difficult to even organize their funeral and last rites. And the most critical out of all is to arrange for an ambulance. Kumar Funeral Services understands your needs and is here to assist you in every step! 24/7 Dedicated Transportation Services We provide Dead Body Ambulance Services in Bangalore for the transportation of the deceased from one location to the other with one of their family members. Our drivers will assist you with all activities related to the transportation of the dead body and make sure they are comfortably taken to the destination. At Kumar Funeral Services, you can avail of our ambulance services to transport wheelchair-bound individuals, aged individuals, patients with disabilities, psychiatric patients, and the ones with a terminal illness. We promise to treat them with complete respect and provide them with the utmost comfort. Our specially trained and empathetic staff will organize all the paperwork and give you a range of solutions for meeting your needs in the most efficient way possible. Requirements: 1. Death Certificate 2. ID proof of the deceased Ambulance Charges The charges to transport a dead body depend on the distance, with the minimum cost starting from Rs 2000 and increasing with distance.

Basic Life Support Ambulance

The Basic Life Support (BLS) Ambulance is a large van with basic medical facilities. This service is only for those patients who are unable to walk or sit or go to the nearest hospital. There won’t be any doctors or nurses to assist you here. Inclusions: 1. Oxygen supply & basic respiratory support 2. Automatic external defibrillator 3. Blood pressure monitoring equipment 4. Pulse oximetry 5.Immobilization sets 6. Consumables & Disposables 7. Safety Tools Who is it for? 1. Patients with injuries such as fractures 2. People seriously injured in accidents 3. Patients who need complex care or rehabilitation

Advanced Life Support Ambulance

The Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ambulance is a large mobile I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit) van with pieces of equipment for unstable patients. Paramedics and doctors who are highly competent in such situations will assist it. You can use this service in emergencies and long-distance transfers. Inclusions: 1. All Basic Life Support Equipments 2. IV supplies 3. Cardiac monitor 4. Intubation equipment 5. Ventilator 6. Infusion & drug administration equipment Who is it for? 1. Patients who require constant IV support 2. Patients who are suffering from cardiac arrest or strokes 3. Obstetrical patients who are preparing for deliveries 4. Patients who are facing difficulties during shifting to hospitals 5. Critical care transport


Dead Body Ambulance Services By Train

When a person dies in a different city, their body needs to be transported to their own city for the final rituals. And transporting a dead body from one city to another city via train is a tedious process because of the mass public carrying system. At Kumar Funeral Services, we help you in delivering the dead body by train so you can get the body and complete the funeral process at the home city. Since there are rules and regulations for such transfers, you will have to provide us with all the documentation as specified. As for the cargo ticket and passenger tickets for the train, we will issue them on behalf of you.

Dead Body Ambulance Services By Air

If you are looking to transport the dead body of your loved one by air, Kumar Funeral Services can help you out. We assist you in delivering the dead body by air so you can get the body and complete the funeral process at the home city. Our Dead Body Transportation Service is available in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other parts of the country as well. Since there are laws regarding the transportation of the dead by air, you need to be well aware of funeral shipping protocols. We will arrange documentation clearance at the Airport for the export and import of the dead body. And you will have to get all the other documentation as required by the authorities for such transportation to take place.

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