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Embalming Services

Are you worried about keeping a dead body for a few days? No need to worry. Kumar funeral services take care of this. Our top-notch embalming services provide preservation of your loved ones from decomposition. Embalming is one of the mandatory requirements while dispatching the body by train or air. Our team do this process under authorized medical supervision. Embalming is also needed if family members want to spend time with their loved ones. It will provide your loved ones with the appearance of peaceful sleep.

Documents Required
1. Death Certificate
2. Photo ID proof of the deceased with the address – Adhar card, Passport etc.

Our Procedures
Begin with preparing the body. Our embalmer will verify the body identity before the embalming process begins. Then perform the facial features settings and the arterial or cavity embalming process.

The embalming process involves remarkable effort over multiple hours. It includes planning, evaluation, and chemical selection. We do not make compromises with our service quality. That is what we assure you. Have quality services to get the best results.

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